The Art Of Ice Cream

The Art Of Ice Cream, Via Torcicoda, 97R, 50142 Firenze FI, Italy


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A delicious cup with chocolate, whipped cream and waffles is one of the ways I reward myself when I have achieved some goals. Special! Tastes vary in summer and winter, alongside the traditional and inevitable flavors there is always some delicious speciality. Beautiful and delicious ice cream cakes and the inevitable zuccotto. You can enjoy the ice cream while walking in the natural shopping center that surrounds the ice cream shop or, a stone's throw away, there is the Cascine park.


Space!!!! Reference point for the entire neighborhood. Ice cream like it used to be: good, large quantity and satisfaction at a low price. Especially on holidays, including Sundays, there is always a long queue... don't worry, you won't have to wait long to eat your ice cream! They have a lot of staff inside who, despite the hard work, will always be ready to welcome you with a smile.


Love the people that work here. Always quick with smiles and very friendly. The gelato is excellent and is in my top two faves for gelato in Florence!