Il Procopio

Il Procopio, Via Pietrapiana, 60R, 50121 Firenze FI, Italy


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Really good gelato with some interesting flavors you don't see much of. Florence has a ton of gelato places, and most of them are pretty good. Il Procopio is one of those good places. On a hot afternoon / long day / any other day, the details might not feel important. They get all the important stuff right here. There are plenty of cone and cup sizes, and the staff is friendly and helpful.


The BEST gelato I’ve had in Italy. This is the real deal.. fresh and delicious. The mango tasted like they had blended in fresh mangos (and I know my Mangos, I live in the Caribbean). This is also where the locals said to go.. so.. I’ll definitely trust that.


For all your complex flavor needs! Oh, you can get the classics here too, but you can get the classics pretty much anywhere in Firenze (watch out for tourist traps tho'. If there is mound piled high with gelato, walk away). The thing to get here, tho', is the fun stuff - you'll find all sorts of interesting combinations, and, this is the interesting part, they've all got the "gelato" part down pat! The right consistency, temperature, ingredients, etc. - nothing here to make you feel like you're having something out of a supermarket!