Gelateria Il Sorriso

Gelateria Il Sorriso, Q74Q+GQ Florence, Metropolitan City of Florence, Italy


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TOP what more can I say. Enjoy an ice cream and truly feel the flavor of the chosen flavour, the quality of the products can be clearly felt. Here we don't care about quantity, the cone is always full. The environment is nice and welcoming, a vast choice of flavors and ice cream cakes that are out of this world, excellent and varied waffles. Friendly and nice staff. The excellent price closes the circle.


What I can say is that they practically make spectacular ice creams and I like them a lot. I like this ice cream shop more than all the other ice cream shops in fact I don't like to do anything other than go there often in the evening, then they make spectacular flavors that I like a lot like melon, pistachio, coffee etc. these flavors could clearly be found in any ice cream shop according to my facts, however, in this place they make them much better than any other place.


Historic ice cream shop in Gavinana located on the corner of via del Paradiso and viale Giannotti. The staff, welcoming and approachable, run a place characterized by captivating cartoon murals. The ice cream, handcrafted, is truly excellent and offers an impeccable assortment of traditional flavors and others that are decidedly more extravagant and experimental. Also worth mentioning are the yoghurts and the fantastic ice cream cakes, in particular the amazing Nutellone: ​​sponge cake base enriched with a layer of Chantilly cream, a layer of hazelnut and abundant coverage of pure Nutella, a highly caloric cocktail that ensures massive doses of happiness. Absolutely recommended.