Gelateria Conti Firenze

Gelateria Conti Firenze, Viale dei Mille, 1/A/r, 50131 Firenze FI, Italy


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We have been frequenting this ice cream shop for many years with full satisfaction. Low prices, excellent quality and great variety of flavours. Absolutely at the level of other more famous (and expensive...) places in the neighborhood. Highly recommended. I would add that the 5 cereal croissants are also a must try


I discovered Gelateria Conti thanks to a friend of mine that live two blocks far from it. Ice-cream is very tasty, you can choose from many different kind of flavours and all ice cream are served with biscuits too. I had the bigger cup with pure grain flavour, with dark chocolate, Malaga and yogurt cream. My cup costed five euros, but there are some other cups or cones starting from 1,5 euros. My friend told me that this Ice-cream is better than the famous Badiani Ice-cream kiosk.


Really good ice cream shop, with a wide choice of flavours. When I'm in the area, I can't help but go and get an ice cream from them, because it always makes my mouth water. The people who work there are also very kind and professional. You never feel like you're too much, as has happened to me elsewhere, and they are always available and with a smile. I recommend it!